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Mindset research has shown that high performing athlete's operate within an elite, narrow, and well defined zone. MVProspect builds on the science to identify and compare the prospect mindset with the elite mindset of high performing athletes.

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Historically scouts have used pro-comparables to rank prospects on physical talent and skill. Now with AI, Machine Learning, and Natural language Processing technologies, similar pro-comparables can be made for elite mindset.

Using MVProspect video interview analytics in preparation for player evaluations, scouts can draw fast, accurate and unbiased mindset comparisons between prospects and elite athletes.

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Prospect Mindset Insights are based on both scout prospect interviews, and online post-game prospect interviews.



Draftee Mindset Insights are used to establish a baseline to monitor an athlete's development.

Free Agent


Free Agent and Trade Target Mindset Insights are based exclusively on online game related interviews.